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Experience the ultimate relaxation with our Four Hand Massage at Aurrum Spa in Dubai. This unique therapy involves two skilled therapists working in perfect harmony to deliver a synchronized full-body massage. The coordinated movements of four hands provide a deeper and more immersive Dubai massage spa experience, enhancing relaxation and promoting overall well-being. Ideal for relieving stress, improving circulation, and rejuvenating your body and mind, our Four Hand Massage is a luxurious treat you deserve.

60 min - AED 1045 

90 min - AED 1470

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History and Origin of Four Hands Massage


Ancient Roots

Using multiple practitioners for a single massage session can be traced back to ancient civilizations. In traditional Ayurvedic medicine from India, tandem massages were used to balance the body's energy and promote overall wellness. Ayurvedic practitioners believed that using four hands created a harmonious energy flow, enhancing the therapeutic effects.


Influence of Eastern Techniques

In China, traditional massage techniques often involve multiple practitioners working simultaneously. This practice was not only about luxury but also about achieving a higher level of healing. The synchronized movements were thought to stimulate the body's meridian system more effectively, promoting better health and relaxation.


European Adaptations

The four hand massage gained popularity in Europe during the Renaissance, a period marked by a renewed interest in the arts and sciences. European nobility and royalty indulged in multi-hand massages as a symbol of wealth and status. These sessions often combined techniques, including Swedish and deep tissue massage, to provide a comprehensive and indulgent experience.


Modern Revival

In the 20th century, the spa industry saw a revival of ancient massage practices, including the four hands massage. Spas worldwide began reintroducing this technique as part of their luxury treatment offerings. The modern four hands massage combines elements from different traditions, integrating Swedish, deep tissue, and aromatherapy techniques to create a holistic and deeply relaxing experience.

Four Hand Massage Treatment Benefits

Deep Relaxation and Stress Relief

The synchronized movements of the two therapists create an immersive experience that significantly reduces stress and induces profound relaxation.

Improved Blood Circulation

The coordinated strokes enhance blood flow, promoting better oxygen and nutrient delivery.

Enhanced Muscle Tension Release

The dual pressure from four hands effectively loosens tight muscles and alleviates knots more efficiently.

A Heightened Sense of Well-being

The comprehensive treatment balances your physical, mental, and emotional states, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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